The Magick of Crystals: A Guide to Mastering Astral Projection

This book is in its 3nd Edition and almost an entirely different book in itself. To increase the efficiency of this book chapters have been added, removed, and expanded. The new edition focuses more on the role of crystals in astral projection and time travel-leaving its uses in healing to another book. I believe the reader will welcome the new additions. The method used in this book to achieve astral projection is entirely new and different from most techniques that you will find today. It relies less on pain staking hours of meditation and preparation-this book lets the crystal do all the work. My method seeks to prevent the usual complications that occur during normal astral projections. You learn to project directly to your chosen destination bypassing complications of exiting the physical body. The book also includes a special section on time travel. It may not be possible to time travel on the physical plane, but it can be done during astral projections. It can be done,and the author has done it. Includes detailed instructions on viewing the lottery & games of chance during time travel projection. Discover the secrets of time!

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