Instant Easy Astral Projection: An Instant Easy Guide To Achieving Your First Astral Projection, Astral Travel Or OBE

Instant Easy Astral Projection contains all the information you will need to experience your first Astral Projection, Astral Travel or Out Of Body experience (OBE). This concise, easily digestible guide examines only the pertinent information needed for the experience.

There are no recounts of personal experiences, no pseudo-science explanations and no empty chapters filled with insignificant and meaningless content.

This book is your best bet for experiencing what many consider the most profound life changing event that they have ever experienced. The changes are almost instantaneous and the information obtained will be remembered in full for the rest of your life.

Instant Easy Astral Projection is the perfect companion to other similar books on your bookshelf. It will be a reference for you for many years.

The heart of the book contains 53 steps to fully experience the event from start to finish. These 53 steps were meticulously researched from the accounts of hundreds of other successful travelers. Each step is a small piece of the puzzle leading you to your first successful experience. Miss any of these 53 steps and you could be dooming yourself to never experiencing the event fully.



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