Digital Healing Extreme Vol 9 Mystical & Mysterious Series – Astral Travel Edition

Track 1: Astral Projection Stimulator (Relaxes the Body and Mind, While Retaining Focus and Aiding in Out of Body Experiences)
Track 2: Third Eye Activation (Stimulates the Pineal Gland, Creating Sixth Sense Awareness)
Track 3: Meditation Vision Stimulator (Creates an Awareness and Energy Sensitivity During Meditation, Allowing for Sixth Sense Visions)

Immerse yourself in true spiritual and physical awareness. A rollercoaster ride into a realm where science and technology meet a broader understanding of reality and the unknown to create a spiritual, mental and physical high, of unseen proportions.
Years of sound engineering, research and study in the partnership between organic matter and astral energy, has led us in the development of the most unique stimulatory reprogramming system that has ever been released to the public.
Designed to work at a molecular level to reprogram cell response by using specially designed sound techniques and re-tuning your body’s software.
Your DNA contains it’s own set of software, for healing and structuring, but if the files are not being accessed, they are not doing their job and you feel the negative effects from it.
For thousands of years, it has been known, that the organic body, astral body and the spiritual body are three that work as one and joined by a shared partnership, but controlled by separate energies. And over time, this has been forgotten, allowing us to get further and further from understanding our own design.
By combining Isochronic tones and binaural beats, along with over seven tracks of sound patterns, effects and music, we have created a tool that you can not afford to live without. Not only will you take back control of healing your own body, but you will master the controls over your astral and spirit body, as well. From healing a throbbing headache, stimulating sexual arousal or repairing damaged cells to mastering astral projection, these auditory self healing aids are a natural and safe way to live a healthy and adjusted life. Each individual track is designed for a specific purpose and is used by thousands of people everyday and all over the world, with tremendous response and positive feedback since they were first released in 2010.
With over 30 years in sound engineering and sound design, and a love for searching for a healthy alternative for natural healing, we have left no rock unturned. We have designed each track to be comfortable on the ears and as enjoyable to listen to as a choir of angels singing.
We are continually studying the effects of different sound frequencies and patterns in hopes of continuing to heal a variety of issues with the human body and unlock other secrets of the universe that have yet to be discovered.

This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

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