ASTRAL TRAVEL – Is It Dangerous?: Find Out In This Astral Guide & Let Your Own Experience Eliminate All Fear of The Astral Plane!

Astral Travel – Is It Dangerous?

Find Out In This Astral Guide & Let Your Own Experience Eliminate All Fear of The Astral Plane!

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Some of the questions answered:

  • FEAR
  • And So Much More…

According to ancient teachings, a silver cord connects the astral and the physical body. The silver cord, is also known to be a mass of molecules vibrating at magnificent speed. In the metaphysical circles, it is regarded in a similar manner to the umbilical cord of a baby when connected to the mother.
Just as impulses, impressions, and nourishment flow from the mother to the unborn baby so too, does the silver cord connects the body to consciousness and information passes from one to the other during every minute of the body’s existence. Spiritual nourishment, impressions, commands, and other important information, passes down from consciousness to the body via the brain.
Also, too, in the same way that is considered that a baby dies to the life it knew inside its mother’s womb upon birth, the silver cord is cut off too or better still diminished, drains off its energy and seize to vibrate, when the death of a body is pronounced. In fact it can be compared to your body getting rid of our attire upon arriving home from work. In the same way after our soul feels fulfilled on earth it will discard our body (like we do with our clothes) and simply return back to its source.
We are thus, a spirit briefly wrapped in a body of flesh and bones, wrapped in order that we may go to the school of life in order that lesson may be learnt and life attributes experienced. No wonder in many school of thoughts it is known that ‘spirits’ envy man because they cannot experience life. They may have all the answers one needs to live a fantastic life but they cannot experience joy, laughter, love and even sadness.
Our bodies are simply a vehicle which is driven, or influenced by consciousness. Some prefer to use the term “soul,” I use “consciousness” because that’s what it is. And yes, consciousness is broad and that is why it has been separated into its more useable form that i.e.

– Conscious mind
– Critical mind
– Un-conscious mind.

Consciousness is the driver that controls the body. Whereas your brain is the engine… a completely automated high powered motor, if you like. It takes messages from consciousness, and converts the messages into chemical activity or physical activity which keeps the body (vehicle) active, causes muscles to work, and causes certain mental processes.
Remember, earlier on how I introduced this idea whereby consciousness relates back to the body ideas… well, in the same manner, no matter how tiny the physical movements are, they will be imprinted onto the unconscious mind creating impressions and experiences.

you can easily accomplish astral traveling and there are no dangers attached to it apart from the fear you create/produce in your own mind. With that it now remains for you to go and grab the book to find out if the myth about the dangers of astral travel is real or not…

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