Astral Travel Guide: 3 Simple Techniques for Projecting Your Astral Body Beyond the Physical

If you have been trying desperately to have your first out of body experience through the techniques known as astral traveling, then read every word of this short booklet.

In this book I reveal 3 simple techniques for achieving for achieving your first OBE (out of body experience)

My name is Michael Auguste and I live in the Seychelles islands.

I have been an avid yoga practitioner and instructor for the past 20+ years. Apart from the asanas (postures) that the science of yoga entails, one of the most important asana is shavasana – the ‘death’ pose…

I am sure by now almost the whole world have seen or heard about this posture, as it is even used in medical establishments for practicing what is known as the ‘relaxation response’ – the western method for getting into an altered state of consciousness.

So my 3 way method for achieving separation of the astral body from the physical, came to me one day in what we could term as a complete coincidence. You see, I had heard about astral travelling many years from a very good friend and instructor of mine and that how beneficial this experience could be to oneself.

So after many months of trial and error and what could be termed as disappointment like many before me, I gave up… until one day the natural phenomena known as astral traveling happened through the astral body which did not give up its natural, universal activity and so it came out as it had done on many occasions, probably since the time of my birth – but only this time I was in total control and fully conscious.

It happened at around 4pm whilst I was lying down on the ground in the above mentioned pose –shavasana. Having completed my yoga practise I laid down for my relaxation, end of session posture. But this time though I decided to attempt once more the techniques of astral projection that I had heard and tried for months with no luck.

I did the long process of relaxing my body and mind and then projected through thought projection my ‘astral body’ above me and in and around 20 minutes it happened. I was out, floating and having a look at my physical body. For the first time it wasn’t a pleasant site I must admit, not that I looked ugly but it was like seeing through my own physical body, and so too through trees and the rock around. I was illuminated all around my physical body from the light emanating from my astral body.

The sensation was mixed, with a scary and yet exciting feeling. Suddenly I remembered in my consciousness that I had to be at a friend’s place (physically that is) and in seconds I found myself at his place seeing the whole family and him too chatting away. At one point he even commented that “Mike will be here any moment now and since he likes a cup of tea I’d better put the kettle on.” If he only knew I thought to my astral self.

“Now what – how do I get back and keep my appointment” was my next thought, and yes you may have guessed it right – I was back in my physical body in no time.

This short booklet will coach you in how to achieve this same results in 3 simple steps.

Good Luck!

Michael Auguste



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