Astral Travel: A How to Step by Step Guide for Beginners To Astrally Project Through The Elemental Doorways

After the release of my first astral book (and knowing that I have been involved in the world of metaphysics and occult for many years readers have written to me asking if there is a way to astral travel in the world of the spirits and get them to help one secure a better life in the physical.

The fact that I have indeed been involved with the world of occult from the age of 15 I find it my responsibility to reply to my readers and make sure that this knowledge is available for them more than ever. Before the age of internet technology, the ancient occult masters camouflaged their knowledge with a lot myth simply to instil fear into the minds of the beginners and prevent them from indulging into the unknown so that they do not only succeed in life but remain a victim of their powers for ever.

Now the table has turned on these so call elite masters as everyone that can read can get on the net and look for knowledge that had been eluding for centuries. Part of my personal mission for more than 23+ years has been to share these information to the world and mostly to the people who are ready for it.

If today you find yourself with this book on your kindle reader, iPhone, Tab or PC then bless you and welcome. For you have been initiated to the world of the masters, something that a few years would have been considered impossible. And for this you will be taken on a journey beyond the land of milk and honey. You will be taken on a spiritual journey as an astral tourist and you will indeed have your tourist ‘spirit’ guide to assist you into whatever help you need for taking your life to the next level in abundance, health and safety.

Despite the many myths about the spirit world and spirits being a danger zone, (just as we encounter in the physical world as well) it is a safe place for one to travel and gain information for one’s success. On earth (as it is in heaven) there will always be good and evil!

Let us note what they are… in the physical world, it is not unfamiliar for you to encounter strange people who are jealous and malicious simply because they do not want to take action and improve their lives. They want to sit on their bum and do nothing and yet gain success or position at work, fight you for a member of the opposite sex etc.

A true magician does not think that way. He knows that he has to meditate, reflect on his life’s purpose every day and adjust accordingly and if he does decide to go further by calling upon the help of the spirits, then he must act upon their advice for him or her to see results.

On the physical world, a human being will backbite you and tell lies about you or confront you in public and create havoc just to denigrate you in front of people. If you have the right information and enough wisdom as philosophical tools to defend yourself with then you are assured of success, no matter what anyone tries to do to you. In this book I will be giving you all the tools you need to do just that. As for the spirit world and spirits what can we expect in terms of evil or good? Well, truthfully nothing in terms of evil. I say nothing, because like the physical if you associate with the right kind of people, friends, company then you are in safe hands and nothing but only good can come to you. You see, in the spirit world there are spirit clowns and they will attempt to make you laugh or even try to frighten you just for a laugh. And if you are not aware of these kind of spirits that is where you can come back in a shock, frightened and decide to give up this world all together. These are not evil spirits, but simply nuisance spirits.

So, once again everything has been taken into account here on how to deal with them and I have given all necessary information for you to be protected even before you go out into the astral world (spirit world) for your visit/journey. Thus, let us go about this astral journey by transcending through the elemental doorways.

Good Luck on your spiritual journey…



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