Astral Projection: The Complete Guide for Beginners on Astral Projection, and How to Travel the Astral Plane (The Expanding Mind Book 3)


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The BEST Book on Astral Projection

A complete and AMAZING GUIDE for beginners on Astral Projection and how to easily travel the astral Plane.

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Have you ever dreamt about leaving your body and having an OBE, Out-of-Body-Experience, a.k.a. Astral Projection? Or do you sometimes think about the afterlife or incarnation? (They are both actually connected with Astral Projection!) Or perhaps you are just up for an exciting journey?

Inside this book you will learn how you too can travel through the Astral World and perform an Astral Projection. When you read this book you will be guided, step-by-step, through the process of Astral Projection, and I will help you create the best possible circumstances for achieveing your goal of an Astral Travel today.

In this book I will show you:

✓ Top 10 most common and effective methods for Astral Projection

✓ Top 10 greatest benefits for traveling in the Astral Plane✓ How and why Astral Travel was used already from ancient times

✓ If Astral Projection is a supernatural affair, transcendent liberation or an afterlife forecast!

✓ What are the signs for Astral Projection and how it actually happens

✓ How to best prepare physically and mentally for an Astral Voyage

✓ And a lot more!

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Here are a few excerpts from all the great reviews this book has already got:

  • ”…This book lays out how to master the art of projection through steps such as relaxation, visualization, and different concentration exercises. I even learned about the long history of astral projection and out-of-body experience. Super clear, well-written, and fascinating”

    ~Cynthia White

  • ”An interesting guide into a topic that is new for me. It goes in depth and gives you a broad overview of what Astral Projection means and how you can benefit from it…”

    ~Josh D

  • ”…I really enjoyed this read, and would recommend to anyone beginners who want to learn more about astral projection.”

    ~Mary Williamsburg

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