Out-of-body experience or OBE is a state. There are as many ways to achieve this state as there are people on this planet. You can achieve OBE through use of your mind or even technology. Below you will find a basic 4 step guide on how to perform astral projection:

1. Imagine

The first step is to get into the flow of imagining an OBE. Lay down on your bed and close your eyes. Imagine yourself experiencing an out-of-body experience. Not seeing the experience but actually taking in the world through your eyes as you look around your room and even touch walls and various surfaces. Essentially act out an OBE. Go with the flow get the information in sync. At first, this step will take 2-5 hours a day. It is possible to get this step to 10 minutes.

2. Fall Asleep

This is where the separation happens. Come back – begin to fall asleep but do not make a conscience decision to do so. Remain awake but let your body drift off into sleep. (This is the hardest trick to master). Embrace almost falling asleep but remain on the verge of consciousness. You will experience a sensation of falling. DO NOT panic this is normal.

3. Align

This is where the frequency alignment happens. You will feel a vibration in your body. Your head will feel like a kettle making a high pitch noise. Embrace it. It will be uncomfortable and you might even experience pressure but do not worry. You are close to your first OBE. Try to concentrate not only your thought but also your whole body on the high pitch noise. (This is where meditation will come in handy). Keep calm, breath, and focus on the noise.

4. Out of Body Experience (OBE)

This where the actual travel happens. As soon as you align yourself with the frequency of the astral plane, you can begin experiencing the plane. You will notice that the world will be different you and everything around you will be of different color and you might even encounter entities that you have never witnessed before. Do not be scared BE CALM and nothing will disturb you. Enjoy the ride!

This guide has worked for many others and me. If you want more in depth information check out THESE programs that might help you in the wonderful quest of Astral Travel.


P.S. to come back to “reality” simply think about waking up. Visualize your body moving on your bed and you will notice that you will be pulled to your physical vessel by a force. Again just, go with the flow.



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